Here comes the answer song to [Don’t Tell Me Jenny!].


Sanが歌詞でKeiがメロディーで描く”女の子の気持ち“。The song is called [ジェニーはご機嫌ななめ (Jenny wa gokigen naname: Jenny Is In A Bad Mood!].

Jenny wa gokigenn naname - HUSHBYRD
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[Be Right There] has been uploaded  to the 7th album 「CEDAR BREEZE」.

A man living in Santa Catalina Island received a letter from his girlfriend in LA, and is sailing his yacht to Long Beach harbor to meet up with her.

Be Right There - HUSHBYRD
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A song [Without You] has been uploaded to the 7th album 「CEDAR BREEZE」.This song is made during my college days.I had no memory of it, but San recalled the melody last month, after 40 some years later, rather miraculously. The lyrics are newly written, as they are long forgotten, except for the the opening phrase "the night has come in a lonely way". Watching mountain shades turn purple in the dusk, memories of friends, myself in those days nostalgically revive.


Without You - HUSHBYRD
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Selected songs which we think the interlude (Verse, Bridge) is quite resonant with the song theme. This selection idea came to our mind when we were recording the new song [いのちの色(Inochi-no-iro:  Color Of Life)] which we think the interlude, piano solo after the Chorus, is quite resonant with the song theme.

Bokura-no-jidai - HUSHBYRD
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Song [ぼくらの時代(Bokura-no-jidai)] from our 5th album 「STEP BACK」. Guitar solo and the piano melody played as the Bridge. 前半のギターは70年代の香りを、後半のピアノは時代の広がりを感じるようにしてみた。

Shiawase-no-naka-ni - HUSHBYRD
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Song [しあわせのなかに(Shiawase-no naka-ni: In Your Happiness)] from our 6th album 「MOON WAVES」. Piano solo played after the Chorus.目を閉じて休んでいる”涙たち”を慈しむ気持ちになって弾いたメロディ。その想いをギターが引き継いでいく。

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Song [Cry For Me] from the 5th album「STEP BACK」. Strange guitar melody played toward the end of the song.ピレネーの峠道をオートバイで駆け下りる疾走感を描いた中盤の間奏も楽しんで欲しい。



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